A Reader Remembers Anti-Palin Hate Propaganda From 2008
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From: Cary Jimsome [Email him]

Re:  James Fulford's blog post The Blame Game In Arizona

Speaking of hate directed toward political figures, as well as elected officials; consider the events in West Hollywood when Governor and Republican nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin was hanged in effigy, noose and all, during the final days of October 2008.  Law enforcement officials papered over the event by describing the simulated and highly racially-charged depiction of murder by calling it "part of a Halloween display." [Ire over hanged Palin doll, By Victoria Kim, Los Angeles Times, October 28, 2008]

Sarah Palin hanged in effigy via CNN:

Picture of the homeowners with effigy are here.

Cary Jimsome previously wrote about jurisdiction-stripping.

James Fulford writes:  There are strict laws about the display of nooses to make a political point, but apparently they don't apply  when the imagined victim is a white Republican woman.

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