A Reader Says Courts Can Be Curbed Short Of Impeachment
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09/15/10 - A Reader Asks About Martin Luther King Day

Re: Peter Brimelow's Black Judge, Clinton Appointee, Blocks Hazleton Immigration Enforcement

From: Cary Jimsome [Email him]

Brimelow writes:

"It's just a matter of time before Americans realize that institutions like their courts, designed for a culturally coherent population, cannot be stretched to accommodate the empire that America has become—and that the only answer to judicial legislation is impeachment."

Wrong. There are ways to change jurisdiction allowed to the courts, and entire categories of cases and controversies can be removed from ordinary jurisdiction.

James Fulford writes: It's true that in theory Congress can write into legislation language that should  prevent the Supreme Court from overriding it, but modern Congresses don't have the nerve. Of course, they may not have the nerve to impeach, either.

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