A Reader Remembers A Forgotten Airplane Atrocity In Rhodesia
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Re: Pat Buchanan’s Article The Day of the Hawk: Would The U.S. Really Benefit From Breaking With Russia?

From Reginald De Chantillon [Email him]

Where was the world when Rhodesians were shot down and massacred by black guys with missiles?

After the Malaysian Airline was shot down over Ukraine, Britain’sleftwing Guardian put out a list of airliners shot down by dastardly villains of the world. In keeping with its anti-European, pro-Colored Revolutionary past, the Guardian did not include the shooting down of deliberately targeted Western airlines such as in the 1978 and 1979 Viscount shootdowns in Rhodesia.

Nor did it include a number of other incidents involving non-Western and Communist attacks in recent history. Instead it focused on various European military accidental shootings. Hoping to mold the world's media, The Guardian is apparently hell bent on restarting the Cold War with a European nationalist Russia by focusing on the imminent threat and horror of white guys with missiles.[ A history of passenger aircraft that have been shot down Robert Booth The Guardian, July 17 2014 The]

The same holds true for other media outlets such CNN [List of civilian planes shot down, By Mariano Castillo and Caitlin Stark, CNN, July 18, 2014 and Slate [Passenger Planes in the Cross Hairs, By Joshua Keating, July 17, 2014 .] These articles ignored the purposeful and premeditated murders of civilians in the Viscount Air Rhodesian massacre. To the staff at propaganda organs such as the aforementioned, some lives especially, if they are white, and most especially if they were victims of those who were not, just don't seem to count.

With the Viscount Shootings when black guys with missiles deliberately targeted white civilians, the world was silent. In fact so silent the Dean of the Cathedral of St. Mary and All Saints of then white Salisbury, Rhodesia made one of the most important speeches against western appeasement in history

In his sermon the good Dean castigated Western leaders’ appeasement and silence and warned their complicity would merely expand such acts. Sadly, our leaders are as complicit in their appeasement and silence as ever, except when it comes to white guys with missiles. And remember dear readers, what happened to Rhodesia and South Africa is being done here to the United States as we speak.

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James Fulford writes: Joshua Nkomo’s army shot down Rhodesian civilian airliners—with Russian SAM-7 missiles—on two separate occasions. In one of them, Air Rhodesia Flight 825, the guerrillas massacred 10 people who had survived the crash on the ground.


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