A Reader Questions Obamamania
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02/02/07 - A CA Reader Says America Should Pull Up The Ladder

Re: Face It, Anything You Say About Obama Is A Gaffe, By James Fulford

From:  A Reader (Name Withheld To Prevent Him From Being Accused of Making A Gaffe)

What the hell is it with Obamamania? Has everyone forgotten the circumstances of his election 2 years ago?

First, that idiot Ryan screws up the Republican candidacy because he wants to watch his actress wife in action with somebody else.

The guy who came in second [Jim Oberweis] was tossed out by the "stupid party" because he was serious about immigration control. God forbid we allow the people to decide about this issue. So what do the jackass Repubs do? Reach down into Maryland, Virginia or wherever Alan Keyes is from and make him the Republican candidate from Illinois. Amazing! This guy Obama is all smoke and mirrors. Nothing there.

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