A Reader Questions Anonymous Attorney On Interracial Marriage: Is Barack Obama Really A Good Example?
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From: Stuart [Email him]

In the article "White Woman Tears Have More To Do With Having Children By Black Men Than The Police Who Have To Intervene Later," author Anonymous Attorney writes:

"Some children of a black father and a white mother turn out OK—say, President of the United States.  But I see way more examples of Jennifer LeMay [Mother of one of Daunte Wright's victims] and Katie Wright [Mother of Daunte Wright] than Ann Dunham."

But do they? It's inarguable that Barack Obama did more harm to America than a dozen Daunte Wrights.

James Fulford writes: A good point, in that middle-class mixed-race blacks like Obama who have never shot anyone personally support criminals like the late Daunte Wright by attacking police and capital punishment.

Obama famously supported the Trayvon narrative, the Ferguson riots, and even the Baltimore Riots.

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