A Reader Ponders Immigration, Environmentalism And The Everglades
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A Reader Ponders Portugal

FROM:  R Thomas

The federal government has recently released a comprehensive plan to save the Everglades from destruction. It has been condemned by many environmentalists as being inadequate and too soft on water users as well as agribusiness. But Bush and the environmental crowd have ignored the most important step they could take to save this priceless treasure: immigration reform. Right now almost half of Miami/Dade's population was born abroad and that proportion is soaring as mass immigration runs unabated. Imagine how much less the environmental pressures would be with half as many people living in the area and stable population numbers. The time has come for us to recognize the most pressing environmental problem of our time and severely limit immigration before the Everglades and other natural wonders vanish forever. Without it, all other measures will be futile.

February 11, 2002

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