A Reader Ponders Portugal
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FROM:  Ralph Raico

The following item may be of interest to VDARE.COM readers. It is from Rivarol, a Parisian rightwing, anti-immigration weekly, January 11, 2002, in my quick translation:

Were the socialists in power in Portugal, who lost Lisbon and the country's chief towns in the municipal elections, like their Norwegian and Danish colleagues, victims of a galloping "insecurity," generally considered to be the result of immigration?

An immigration likewise so galloping that, according to the Lisbon review Visão, Afro-Lusitanians now feel themselves to be numerous enough in the Lisbon-Sintra-Cascais triangle to claim there "the creation of an independent country, Nzingalis,"[Link in Portuguese] named for the Angolan queen who resisted the Portuguese.

These new colonizers calmly explain:

"In the next fifty years this region will have a black majority, and we cannot run the risk that all of its wealth and power of decision should be in the hands of the Whites. We have the right to this territory, the fruit of our labor and of the labor of those who came before us. The whole history of Portugal rests on the exploitation of the labor of Blacks."

Gone are the happy times when Africans contented themselves with demanding monetary reparations for the sufferings they had endured. Henceforth, it is in European territory that they want to be paid. Is the example of Nzingalis going to spread among us, where the Ile-de-France [the Parisian region], peopled by so many Africans today, could secede under the name Ile-de-Mali, with Paris becoming Samory-City? [Samory was a West African leader who fought the French.]

February 06, 2002

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