An Alabama Reader Reports New GOP Resolution
February 12, 2002, 05:24 PM
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A Reader Ponders Immigration, Environmentalism And The Everglades

FROM:  Hugh McInnish

You may recall that we exchanged e-mails about six months ago concerning a resolution on immigration that I was going to propose at the Alabama GOP state meeting. You may also remember that the resolution died in the Resolutions Committee for lack of a second. Rushmore has faces no more stony than those I sat with that day.

Well, Saturday the state committee met again. And I recycled the same resolution—didn't change a thing. This time it passed unanimously in the committee and was adopted in plenary session by a voice vote! The resolution is attached.

Evidently 9/11 has changed some things. I don't know how much but I like it.

See Borne upon an Ill Wind in, for the full story and Read the Full Text of the Resolution here on VDARE.COM.

February 12, 2002