A Reader Offers Pro Bono Tax Advice To Ranch Rescue SPLC Victims
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September 01, 2005

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Raymond McClaren [email him] writes from El Salvador:

I have not seen anything on your site dealing with the case of the judicial dispossession of rancher Casey Nethercutt in favor of illegal immigrants in Arizona recently, which I consider an important incident to understanding the future in the Southwest. [See Illegals hit the pinata, By Dimitri Vassilaros, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, August 29, 2005] [VDARE.COM note: Bryanna Bevens, who was writing on this issue, is unwell].

One unmentioned aspect of the Nethercott case concerns the tax matters involved. The transfer of the land to the two Salvadorean criminals is taxable under the IRC and the eventual sale is also as a capital gain. The SPLC legal racketeer Morris Dees would be responsible for payment, since his "clients" have no legal standing—in fact, are wards of the Federal government due to their holding a special visa that Washington uses to extend privileges and immunities to criminals.

Indeed, the transactions involved make Dees responsible, since as the attorney of record he is in constructive receipt of the money settlement of rancher Sutton and the land transfer from the Nethercotts.

For my part, I would like to offer my services as an experienced practitioner and owner of a Tax Service that deals with problem cases only to the rancher families involved on a pro bono basis. There are tax benefits available for people who suffer an involuntary exchange and I want to see that they can take advantage of that.  Perhaps you can use your site to publicize my offer.  

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