A Texas Teacher Comments on Bush's Motives
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September 02, 2005

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From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: "Will Femicide Stop at the Mexican Border?"

You asked why Bush would take the stand he does on Mexico.

Well, here's why:

(1) He ISN'T smart enough to get elected in Texas...he's a dummy if there ever was one. He got elected because of big money contacts who he assured would be in good hands (his) to protect them in all ways, from all things.

And, (2) Bush has a Mexican family: brother's wife, his nephews and nieces, etc. Plus, recently Tony Garza (one of Bush's men) married the richest woman in Mexico.

Bush is really no different from Fox. Neither gives a damn about citizens UNLESS they're rich and powerful. And then they get complete protection in ALL things.

Bush is doing as excellent job of killing the middle class. Don't you think he's doing an excellent job of killing our country softly?

I'm 71 now and retired from teaching. I know I probably won't live a whole lot of years more, and as my parting gift of life I get to watch the most wonderful, successful, country in the world go down. It makes me sick. Especially since I'm one of those "super patriots."

Best wishes and thanks so much for all you at VDARE.COM do.

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