A Reader Observes Blacks Refusing To Stand For The National Anthem On The Fourth Of July
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Re: James Fulford's article Independence Day: A Diverse Journalist Claims To Love America—But That Doesn’t Include The Founding Fathers, Or You

From: An American Woman In The Pacific Northwest [Email her]

On July 4th, my sister and her husband attended a free concert in the park by the Harrisburg Symphony. (Pictured above.) During the playing of the National Anthem, a large contingent of blacks (not pictured) did not stand.

Many of this same group talked continually on their phones even during a Count Basie number and a Duke Ellington medley. Does anyone want to wager that this group has no idea who these people are?

This obnoxious disregard for our nation and for other people has resulted in unemployment for Colin Kaepernick and death for Michael Brown. Kaepernick has at least given loads of money to charity lately. Michael Brown was a thug. Sadly, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is full of them.

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