A Reader Notes Who Was Doing The Littering In Los Angeles On Labor Day
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

CBS News has story titled Leftover Labor Day Trash, Feces May Taint LA Water Supply, September 7, 2011.

The unsaid subtext is that the prolific lazy "public polluters" are for the most part Latino immigrants and aliens who treat public lands like sewers (not that civilized people throw trash in sewers). Of course no politically correct media outlet (unlike VDARE.com) could come out and call the people that dump their trash and diapers and used toilet paper where they play and drink "lazy Third World  pigs."

I guess they figure because they paid a parking fee they had dumping rights-anywhere.

You wont hear any environmentalists complaining of Latino slovenliness either, they're only concerned about the growth and emissions of WHITE Americans, the environmental mayhem created by immigrant communities is pretty much ignored, so much so that even quantification is prohibited.

Limited drinking water, limited dumping capacity, limited emissions, limited food, limited energy are only problems of, for and by white Americans, the consumption and emissions of "Other Than Whites" are in the media and state's view irrelevant.

James Fulford writes: For previous notes on this subject see

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