A Reader Notes That Some Mexicans Do Go Home
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04/07/09 - A Displaced Texas Programmer Analyzes The Pattern Of Low Salaries And Immigration That Leads To American Job Loss

From: "All My Ex's Live In Texas" (e-mail him)

Re: Allan Wall's Column: Should Americans Visit Mexico?

As a former Texan, I enjoyed Wall's piece recognizing Mexico's charms and the security of much its interior while also acknowledging the flaws of our immigration policies. 

When I lived in Texas, I once dated Maria, a beautiful Mexican girl from Guadalajara.

On our trips there, we had a ton of fun. All the while we were safe, ate excellent food and enjoyed the city's European feel.

But my ex's personal story is a good example that not all Mexicans stay illegally.

In Maria's case, however, America may be the worse for it.

Maria had an MBA from University of Dallas and lived with her aunt and uncle in Fort Worth—in other words, she was not a welfare case.

Yet when Maria lost her job and had to look for another, her immigration status became a top priority among her prospective employers.

Unlike many, Maria respected America's immigration laws enough to obey them. Maria didn't want to gamble that she would never be able to return to the United States to work legally or even visit.

So, possibly to America's detriment, Maria's gone home while others remain firmly (and illegally) here.

Joe Guzzardi comments: For readers who may have missed it, our writer's pseudonym—"All My Ex's Live in Texas"—is a reference to a song made famous by one of country music's greatest artists, George Strait. Listen to it here.

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