A Displaced Texas Programmer Analyzes The Pattern Of Low Salaries And Immigration That Leads To American Job Loss
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04/06/09 - A Texas Reader Notes Convenient Gaps In Official's Knowledge Of ER Users' Immigration Status

From: Virgil Bierschwale (e-mail him)

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Blog: March Jobs: Eight Years Of American Gains Wiped Out by Immigrants

Rubenstein may have overlooked a key point in his otherwise fine analysis.

I spent over thirty years traveling around America doing software contract work. During that time, few Hispanics worked along side me. But I did notice that Hispanics held many low paying jobs nationwide.

To fully understand the impact of immigration, the jobs must be broken down by salary levels, as I have done on my website.

For instance, in the report that I linked to above, I document how American businesses eliminated over 1,200,000 jobs that paid an average of $96,000 each and replaced them with jobs that paid only in the $34,000 range.

The transfer of wealth, perpetrated by corporations that prefer immigrant labor, is the actual cause of our economic crisis.

Bierschwale was a contract programmer from 1988 until 2002 when he "found out the hard way" that American work was being sent offshore.  He is the founder of Keepamericaatwork.com

Edwin S. Rubenstein comments: Virgil has a point: the displacement of non-Hispanics in the U.S. labor force is motivated by economics. But this is the very point that I have belabored for years regarding immigration. Corporate America values low-wage, unskilled immigrants more than well-educated natives. 

Cheap labor boosts profits, reduces tax liabilities, and eliminates the need to invest in expensive plant and equipment. The latter point is especially relevant in these times of credit stringency.

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