A Reader Notes That French Police Are Cracking Down On Anti-Muslim Protests
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From: A Long Time VDARE.COM Fan [Email him]

I wondered if you’d take the time to watch this five minute video clip. It is footage of what is likely to have been the first anti-Islam protest since the attacks in France, taken in the city of Metz, in Lorraine. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. One day after Muslims murdered close to 150 of their fellow citizens,  the majority of French appear to be siding with Muslims over their fellow countrymen.

I feel almost completely hopeless for France after watching this footage. Maybe it doesn’t represent the greater population, but it’s not exactly inspiring.

At 4:30 in the video, one of the anti-Islam protesters is being arrested by the police and he is spit on by a Muslim standing among the other French citizens who are cheering the police on for arresting these protestors. Is France a dead nation?

Peter Brimelow replies: I’ve seen reports of another such incident in Lille.

It takes a lot of courage to challenge the Left on the streets, especially in France, where the Communists have been so well organized for so long. Frankly, I’m heartened that they’re doing it at all.

Of course, you are right that the fact the State sides with the Left is significant and scandalous.

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