A Reader Notes That Ben Carson Has Admitted To Being An Affirmative Action Case At Yale In 1969
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Re: James Fulford’s blog Affirmative Action As Seen By MAD Magazine In 1974

From: Scott [Email him]

policyYale was "giving preference" to ambitious blacks as far back as 1969, it seems:

"But I want to go back to the time when I was a student at Southwestern High School here in Detroit. I compiled a very good record and received what I thought were excellent SAT scores. In fact, there was an article in the Detroit Free Press that said, 'Carson Gets Highest SAT Scores in Twenty Years.' But then I went off to Yale. I remember sitting at a cafeteria table one day, listening to people talk about their SAT scores. 'I got 1600,' one person said. 'I got 1560,' said another. I started praying that no one ask me because, even though I had achieved a terrific record at my [in all likelihood majority black] high school, my score did not compare to most other Yale students."
That’s from The Big Picture: Getting Perspective on What's Really Important in Life, by Dr. Ben Carson, Yale ’73.
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