A Florida Reader Thanks James Kirkpatrick
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Re:  James Kirkpatrick's article  Ann Coulter Vs. Suicidal GOP Cliches

From: Delmar Jackson [Email him]

I read VDARE.com daily, and do not think I have ever emailed James Kirkpatrick let him know how much I appreciate the education his articles provide readers like me. Sunday's article was full of insight and inspiration as always.

I laughed when I read how Coulter was described as a thug. I think one of the problems of our side is we clearly do not have enough thugs.

If Norman Vincent Peale and Saddam Hussein were neighbors, and they had a zoning dispute against each other, which person do you think is going to still be living in that neighborhood 5 years later? Yeah, me too. We need more thugs. It is not for nothing the Godfather switched to a "war-time" consigliere when the times required it. Thanks for fighting!

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