A Non-WASP Reader Reflects On The Great Guzzardi
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October 25, 2001, 05:00 AM
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A Reader Notes "American" Muslims Are Turning Against Bombing

From:   Frederick Fries

I assume you gentlemen have already seen Joe Guzzardi`s  great article "America will never be safe with open borders" in the Lodi News-Sentinel.

By the way, note - as here - the non-Anglo-Saxon family names of many who are in sympathy with VDARE.COM. Here it`s Guzzardi; elsewhere you see other Italian names, or Chinese, Mexican, Slavic, or other non-A-S names. I`m Fries (German name) and am half Kraut (father`s side), half Russky (mother`s) - definitely not Anglo-Saxon! My point is that ought to be a selling point - nobody can call them WASP prejudices! Hell, as is well known,  rank-and-file blacks are more upset about the immigration problem than even the friends of VDARE.COM are! But of course no one`s listening - to them or to us.

Tancredo excepted - and look at his last name! With all those vowels in there, something tells me he`s certainly no WASP—just a patriotic American who`s got his head screwed-on in you-know-which direction!!! (Frontwards,  for those in Rio Linda!).

[VDARE.COM NOTE: Representative Tom Tancredo`s official bio makes no mention of his ethnicity. He must consider himself an American.]

October 25, 2001