A Reader Asks What If The Discovery Channel Hostage Taker Had Been A White Immigration Reformer?
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09/01/10 - A Reader Lowers The Bar For Correspondence Somewhat, But We Know You Can Do Better

From: Dick Whitman [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's Blog: "Asian Man" In Mass Murder Attempt, Hostage Taking At Discovery Channel

Yesterday an Asian went nuts and took hostages in the name of "saving the planet." He was mad at the Discovery Channel because they run programs that feature people with large families.

No one in the MainStream Media claimed that his actions were the result of environmentalist or liberal "hate speech."

Had his actions been carried out by a white anti-immigration activist, there would be panels of "experts" on the TV for weeks calling for censorship and blaming so-called "Conservative talk radio."

I just reviewed some of the major news outlets and one even claims that he was just mentally ill, and not really an environmental activist at all. [Discovery Channel Hostage Taker was No Environmental Militant, Associated Content, September 2, 2010]

How can it be any more obvious that the media is anti-White?

James Fulford writes: You can't win.  Because James Lee was a population control fanatic, who can be described as having assimilated to Al Gore's view of things, (like the Unabomber, who had a copy of Earth In The Balance  in his cabin), he managed to combine his hatred of people in general with a specific note about the population problems caused by mass immigration which led to this from the SPLC's  Mark Potok: James Jay Lee, Apparent Eco-Terrorist Hostage-Taker, Zeroes in on Immigrants.

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