A Reader In Texas Says George Zimmerman's Only Hope Is A Reverse Tyler Clementi Defense
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Re: Pat Buchanan's article Trayvon Martin Lynch Mob Fury—Douse the Flames, Mr. President!

From: A Reader In Texas [Email him]

It looks bad for George Zimmerman.  It looks real bad.  I think there's only one way for him to put an end to this media firestorm and avoid prison. 

He needs to announce that he's gay, and that he made a pass at Trayvon, who then began pummeling him while calling him a "faggot."  After the recent Rutgers hate crime verdict, the media wouldn't know what to do.

James Fulford writes: If the late Trayvon had won the fight, he might have invoked the “Gay Panic Defense”, in which a man charged with assault or even manslaughter claims that he was reacting to unnatural advances by the victim. A minority youth would be one of the few people who could get away with this today. He could point to gays’ history of taking advantage of minority youth, which a non-minority teenager couldn’t get away with. But this is the opposite of that.

However, in spite of the recent trend, evidenced by the conviction of Dharun Ravi, that gays are more “oppressed” than blacks [Gays over blacks, Part XIV] I think this would be more likely to get Mr. Zimmerman killed.

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