A Reader In San Diego County Pleads For Immigration Sanity To Save California From Ecological Disaster
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From: Marcellus Armiger (e-mail him)

I am safe at my home, but the fires rage all over the county. More than 500,000 people have been evacuated to temporary shelters. That's about one of every six residents in the second largest county in California… a bigger catastrophe than Katrina

My elderly parents were ordered evacuated for a brief time, but are now back.

The damage is stunning, with many thousands of acres torched and no doubt many homes still to burn.

I am haunted by the same thoughts I had four years ago during this same week in late October when I witnessed the devastating fires fueled by the intense Santa Ana winds.

Whatever lessons the government may learn about this natural disaster will be of a tactical nature: how to improve interagency coordination and so on.

Few, if any, authorities will ponder the larger question such as how will we adapt as the climate becomes drier and mammoth firestorms become more certain?

How will people escape tragedy if the predicted fuel scarcity becomes a reality?

Why are we allowing even more population growth in the southwestern U. S. swollen by the unceasing flows of legal and illegal immigration? 

Must thousands be incinerated before our leaders come to their senses?

Armiger's previous letters, including one on the failure of the federal energy policy, are here.

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