A Hispanic Reader Tells Joe Guzzardi Italians are the "Worst"
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December 02, 2005

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A Reader in India Says the West Is Dead

From: Jesus Vazquez (e-mail him)

Let's cheerlead a bit more so we can invade more countries, or meddle in their affairs, so we can get more refugees. I hope we can at least get a couple of million refugees from our current excellent adventure in Iraq!

As for the Mexican invasion (as you probably call it), I see it as poetic justice because this land was taken from Mexico by hook and crook.

Regarding you xenophobes (you and Tancredo), I notice that it is the sons and daughters of immigrants that are the most xenophobic. (Tancredo and Guzzardi are probably not typical last names of people in the Mayflower, are they?).

From personal experience (co-workers and school), most white people are racist or bigots, but the worst and most vocal are the ITALIANS.

Joe Guzzardi writes:

Perhaps Mr. Vazquez should investigate anger management classes.

All kidding aside, this is my favorite kind of letter. Regarding the truly tiresome stolen land theme, a war was fought, Mexico lost, a treaty was signed and money changed hands. That's stolen?

Of course, my grandparents (and Tancredo's) came to the U.S. legally—big difference in the minds of most enlightened people. And we don't hate anyone; we're Italian!

Finally, if I were Mr. Vazquez and "racists" and "bigots" surrounded me at work and at school, I would get on a bus and return to my beloved Mexico.

Perhaps that is the answer for him.

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