A Reader Has Ideas On Deporting Illegals, Even If Bush Has None
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05/24/07 - A Reader Wonders If Assimilation Is Happening

From: Ryan Kennedy [email]

I was thinking about what I'd do about illegal immigration if I were President....

I think this is part of what I'd do:

Cops sometimes trick masses of people with outstanding arrest warrants into coming to them. They send out letters to fugitives saying they've won a prize, like a plasma TV or something. Then they tell them to come pick it up at such and such address, usually an auditorium. The group is assembled and then the police pounce, arresting everyone there.

That's sort of what I'd do. I remember a few years ago, some wild rumor got started in the illegal "community" that the INS was registering illegals in order to amnesty them later. That is, when the amnesty came, you had to be registered in order to receive it. So people in Mexico (or wherever) wouldn't hear about the amnesty and decide to sneak in and say they've been in the US for years. Anyway, that was the crazy rumor. And illegals showed up at INS doorsteps in droves. The line in several cities snaked around whole city blocks.

I'd do this. I'd announce that ICE needs to register illegals in order to amnesty them later. Then I'd process them. I'd have groups of illegals go from one station to another. First station would ID them and see whether they are illegal or not and ask if they knew where any other illegals were. Then a group would be brought to the second station out of sight and ear-shot of the others. Here they would be arrested and put on prison buses. The buses would then transport them to planes or boats.

I think probably boats, because I bet Mexico would at some point refuse to take back the massive amount of illegals. We'd probably have to ship them to the coast of Mexico and put them in rubber dinghies.

Of course my plan would probably work for only one day or less. And would depend a great deal on operational security. I wonder if some Hispanic ICE worker would spill the beans. Maybe keep the plan secret from many of the ICE workers themselves.

And my plan would depend on immediate deportation. But I bet I could arrest and deport a truly massive number of illegals in one day.

Another thing I'd do; I'd prove that yes it is possible to round up all of them. At least in a small area.

I'd find a few communities in swing states where there has been a big uptick in Hispanics since 2000 and where they are about 10%—20% of the population. Also it'd help if the native community was up in arms about the problem. Probably in the South or Mid-west. Then I'd do big raids on industries there with a lot of illegals, then arrest any loitering illegal day-laborers then go door to door asking where the illegals are. Basically do a dragnet of the whole town. The illegals that were not caught would be freaked out and probably get the hell out of Dodge.  

Probably the MSM would go nuts. I'd use the media attention to say this was just a pilot program and that we're gonna do this all over the US. Illegals would freak out and many would leave. Many similar communities experiencing lots of illegal immigrants would beg the feds to do the same thing in their own towns. It'd be great, I just know it.

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