A Reader Has Another "Racist" Quote From Emo Phillips
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Re: James Fulford's blog item A White Martin Luther King Day? and Happy MLK Day!

A Reader Writes: [Email him]

No one complained of Phillips' racial jokes on his HBO/Showtime comedy specials years ago: "We had a blackout in Downers Grove recently. Then the cops picked him up". Emo Phillips' hometown is Downers Grove, IL, a white Chicago suburb.

James Fulford writes:

Another version of this quote is

"I'm from Downers Grove, Illinois. We had a blackout there the other day, but fortunately the police made him get back into his car before he got too far."

But of course, this is really a joke about "police racism" and "racial profiling"—the target of the joke is white people. There are actually over 900 blacks in Downer's Grove, which has a population of 48,724. But it still qualifies as a Whitopia, not nearly diverse enough for diversophiles.

However, the point remains that Martin Luther King is so untouchable that for Emo Phillips, a man for whom literally nothing is sacred, to joke harmlessly about him is a threat to what career he has left.

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