A Reader Goes To A Bilingual Job Fair And Sees Who's Hiring Legions Of Foreigners
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From: "A North Carolina Reader"

I just got back from the first TRIAD Bilingual Job Fair held at the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina today. (www.bilingualjobfair.com) This was a regional event promoted to localities within a 50 mile radius of the Greensboro/High Point/Winston-Salem TRIAD MSA.  

Keep in mind that 25 years ago one pretty much had to go to find a Spanish professor or join the local international club if they were inclined to "talk the talk" around these parts.

There were numerous exhibitors (which will follow in detailed format) and during the 45 minutes I was present, I'd say there were over 250 job seekers milling about, the overwhelming majority (like 90%) were visibly and audibly Hispanic. 

The sponsors were: Time Warner Cable, Greensboro Merchants Assoc., Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, WMAG FM 99.5 (English language), La Preciosa 94.5 FM (Spanish language) and The Business Journal.  It was organized by G-Force Marketing Solutions and Dynamics Advertising Co.[Send them mail] "The Hispanic Market Experts—IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE" -(emphasis added)

I have chosen to organize the exhibitor listing in order of ascending egregiousness:

  • Parks Chevrolet, Green Ford, Gate City Lincoln-Mercury, Bill Black Chevrolet-Cadillac—You can't fault a man for trying to sell a car, can you? 

  • Isagenix—Multi-level marketer of weight loss and diet products.—Thin is in.

  • Colfax Furniture and Mattress—Nothing wrong with a good night's sleep. 

  • Forsyth Medical Center/Novant Health and Moses Cone Health System—Hey, the hospitals are doing the best they can. (To shift costs to us, that is) 

  • AT&T, SunCom Wireless, Telephone Centre, Cingular Wireless, Spherion and Verizon Wireless—Hey, I'm all for La Raza staying in touch with each other using the latest technology.

  • Duo-Fast Carolinas, Inc. and Sherwin Williams/Duron Paint Co—Just selling the tools and supplies to get the work done that Americans "refuse to do.  "

  • Strayer University—At least it isn't a state supported university.

  • Sears Marketing Center—Hard to say if they should be categorized as a merchant or a banker.

  • Atlantic Contracting (concrete contractors) and Waste Industries, Inc.—Again doing the jobs no American will do.

  • GMAC Insurance—At least La  Raza will have car insurance for a month.

  • Pepsi Bottling Group and Schneider National, Inc. (trucking)—Jobs that traditionally have paid living wages to Americans.

  • Adecco, Graham and Associates, Kelly Services, Key Resources, Temporary Resources, Inc., and TRC Staffing Service—No comment needed on the Temporary Help Industry.

  • Bank of America (2 booth spaces), Wachovia Bank (2 booth spaces), Truliant FEDERAL Credit Union, Allegacy FEDERAL Credit Union, Sun Trust Bank, American Express, and Vanderbuilt Mortgage and Finance Co. (subsidiary of Clayton Homes Manufactured Housing)  And conveniently providing the tools to conduct banking business with: Deluxe Corporation-Deluxe Financial Services. 

  • BB&T Bank was conspicuously absent, they may have gotten on the clue bus with this boycott Bank of America storm that's brewing.

And now for top position in this Bilingual Job Fair:


You read right folks. This booth was staffed by three baby faced African American youths in desert fatigues.

I approached them and said "They're really getting hard up for IED fodder, huh?"  It really caught them off guard and one of them had to explain to the other what IED meant.  Bless their hearts. They were on a 30 day temporary recruiting duty and were not full time recruiting officers. (Common practice in the Army.)

They did the best they could stuttering and stammering about how "It really isn't like that." and I had neither the inclination nor the heart to try to set their heads straight about politics.

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