A Reader Explains Why His DC Think Tank Dollars Now Go To VDARE.com
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog post WaPo: “Trump Could Cause ‘The Death of Think Tanks as We Know Them’”

From: A Loyal Reader (And Donor!) [Email him]

My DC think tank dollars now go to VDARE. [VDARE.com note: You can follow this reader's example here.]

For over 20 years I have sent money to CATO and other DC think tanks that I believed supported the cause of liberty.

No longer.  DC voted for Hillary 91-4.  CATO cannot bring itself to support the culture that is the foundation of liberty and has been ineffective in garnering support for the policies I do agree with them on.   When CATO can't bring itself to use the term "illegal alien", I know that the DC establishment consensus has overtaken everyone in that city and not an un-coerced penny should go near that town from my pocket.

My political dollars as of this year are going to VDARE.com and other defenders of the Western culture.  I sincerely hope you are more productive with them than CATO and the other DC think tanks.  I don't think that will be that hard to do.

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