A Reader Notes That The Women's March Needed No Protection From Trump Supporters—Or Any Security At All
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Re: “It Will Come To Blood”–Reflections On The Left’s Anti-Trump Inauguration Tantrum

From: A Reader Whose Wife Dragged Him To The Women’s March [Email him]

For what it's worth, there was practically no security on the Saturday march. No military, no policemen with rifles, only a few policemen with handguns—they could have been traffic cops.

My wife and I were told that only clear backpacks would be permitted—but no place sold them. So we brought our lunch in clear Ziploc bags—a real pain. To our chagrin, nobody was checking anything. Traffic going into DC was a big problem. We were supposed to go to the L'Enfant Plaza metro stop, but the Beltway exit leading there was blocked by police. Too much volume at the metro, so they diverted us to a different metro (Green or Glen something.)

Luckily, we had purchased metro cards in advance, avoiding an hour wait on the ticket machine queue. A few rednecks in red hats—looked like the cast of Duck Dynasty—but they were smiling, not at all threatening.

A great time, even though we were too far from the stage to hear or even see much.


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