A Reader Expects The MSM To Slime Trump For Employing Illegals—Like He Had A Choice
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Re: John Derbyshire Says: Trump-Coulter 2016!

From: A Cynical Reader [Email him]

In the 2012 race for the vacant Arizona U.S. Senate seat, local millionaire Wil Cardon (rightPHP4F1A4CA91F92F[1]) faced off against establishment hack Jeff Flake in the GOP primary.

Cardon spent plenty of his own money and began running ads early in the season. The ads took a populist tone, touting his job creation as a small business owner and expressing the need to crack down on illegal immigration and enforce our laws.

The establishment response: they dug up records of a Subway sandwich shop Cardon owned 28% interest in, through a franchise partner group, that had been fined for employing illegal aliens.

The fact that Cardon had no hands-on responsibilities of hiring and firing these restaurant workers or even had knowledge of the fines didn't matter.

They flooded the airwaves depicting Cardon as a hypocrite and a slick, greedy,wealthy, business man who could not be trusted. The result, Cardon almost immediately gave up and stopped spending on a race that never really happened. [Wil Cardon record on jobs, migrant hiring stirs questions, by Ronald J. Hansen and Dan Nowicki, The Arizona Republic,July 7, 2012]

My prediction: Donald Trump will be laid out on the same rack very soon. With his many business holdings, there is bound to be some illegal hiring or missing documentation somewhere in the mix. They will throw the scarlet "H  for hypocrite" at his image and see if it sticks. If not, round up the usual parade of bimbos he has presumably bedded down, and check their immigration status.

Unfortunately, I don't believe this increasingly dumbed-down and impoverished public has the eyes to see through the machinations of the established political parties, nor, for that matter,  do they have a desire to see a billionaire in the White House.

James Fulford writes: Since Trump has not, like many, many, other rich men, been an activist for illegal immigration, he could say, with some justification, that US "anti-discrimination" law more or less requires him to hire illegals if they have any kind of papers at all: see Indiscriminate Anti-Discrimination Enforcement: Why Is It Illegal To Check For Illegals?, published on VDARE.com in 2003.

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