A Reader Doesn't Think Reagan Was Conservative—We Reply
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Re: Patrick Cleburne's blog item Independence Day Thoughts On How Reagan Got To Do What He Did

From: Rob Builder [Email him]

Why is it that so many conservatives fawn over Reagan? He was no conservative and I doubt the claimed Christianity.

First ,how many illegal aliens did this so called conservative give citizenship to? Was it 3.5 million? Or did it turn out to be some six million as I have read?

According to Gary Kah, Reagan was asked if he would allow anyone from organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations to be in has administration. He said he would not, yet it appears some 65% of his administration was made up of people who were members of this and similar organizations. In my opinion Reagan was no more than a puppet of GHW Bush and his policies. Bush has called for free trade since the 1960s and likely immigration as Teddy Kennedy envisioned it.

So I'm well fed up hearing the glory of Reagan. We can thank Reagan for making California a future state of Mexico.

Give me a Tom Tancredo or Lou Barletta any day.

James Fulford writes: Ronald Reagan was a Great Man, (capital G, capital M) and remains so even if he did sign the 1986 Amnesty in return for promises of enforcement that were never kept. That being said, signing the 1986 Amnesty was not the best thing he ever did.

However, California would be better off as part of Mexico than it would be as a sea of radioactive glass, a result many people feared during the Cold War.

In response to a similar letter around the time of Reagan's death, Peter Brimelow wrote

"Analytically, Reagan concentrated on two or three issues that were vital in his day and ignored much else in the sprawling, hydra-headed federal government. Immigration was not among those issues. But that was then and this is now. A new generation of issues has come to the fore. It is entirely natural that a new generation of political leaders will be required to deal with them. And when they do, they will have to pick their battles, as Reagan did.

Politically, dissing Reagan says in effect that all action is hopeless. And it's not. After the Goldwater disaster, the American Conservative Movement was every bit as deeply in the hole as the Immigration Reform Movement is now. It climbed out. The Immigration Reform Movement can and will do the same.

That is the real meaning of Reagan."

Peter Brimelow's prediction about the Immigration Reform Movement is coming true right now.

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