A Washington State Reader Praises VDARE.com's Reverse Playboy Strategy
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Re: An Irish-American Encourages Us To Continue Our Pictorial Policies—One Bikini Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Of Wonkery

From: Brian Riordan (e-mail him)

You are very clever in adopting a reverse Playboy strategy. Playboy rose above the other nude magazines because, cleverly, Hefner gave embarrassed young men an excuse for buying it by lacing it with articles by famous writers. Then guys could say, "I just buy it for the articles."

Now Vdare.com is increasingly laced with bikini pictures. Very clever. Now the cowardly can say, "I'm not a racist—I just read Vdare for the bikini pictures."

By the way, unlike with the previous letter writer, please never refer to me as an Irish-American. In spite of my name, I have an ancestor who fought at Lexington ("the shot heard round the world"), at the Battle of Bunker Hill and was with Ethan Allen at the capture of Fort Ticonderoga. Therefore I think I qualify as an unhyphenated American.

James Fulford writes: We try not to run these pictures without at least some useful polemical point. For example, American  Apparel claims that it's clothing is "Made In USA, Sweatshop Free," which might give you the impression that it's made in the USA by Americans. But an Obama administration Social Security audit resulted in a lot of no-match letters—the Sweatshop Free clothing is made by illegals.

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