A Reader Discovers Vicente Fox's Personal Border Policy
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From:  Allan Wall, Mexico


On April 14th, my wife and son and I visited  Presidente Vicente Fox's personal property - the ranch near San Cristobal, Guanajuato, Mexico, where he recently played host to President George W. Bush.  Well, we weren't actually allowed on the property, but drove up to the property line (border) and saw it.   There were guards, you see, and  we were informed that we couldn't enter - the operative phrase was "acceso restringido" (restricted access).  So I took a photograph and we left.

Now that's very interesting ,  when you think about it.  As presidente of  Mexico, Vicente Fox is pushing for the U.S.A. to open its border with Mexico, yet as a private property owner, Vicente Fox does not practice "open borders" on his own ranch.  Hmmm.....

I also recall those besieged ranchers on the Arizona border.  They are a lot less wealthy and influential than Vicente Fox, and their ranches have been overrun by illegal alien  trespassers who damage their property and endanger their ranching operations.  Yet they were viciously slandered here in Mexico, and fellow rancher Vicente Fox himself took a cheap shot at the Arizona situation in a presidential debate before winning.  And yet, Vicente Fox does not allow trespassers on his own ranch!

Allan Wall is an American citizen who has lived and worked in Mexico since 1991. Presently employed as an English instructor, Allan has legal permission from the Mexican government to live and work in Mexico under the rubric of an FM-2 migration document.  His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his Frontpage.com articles are archived here. Allan Wall welcomes questions or comments (pro or con) at [email protected].

April 24, 2001

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