A Reader Asks What Is To Be Done; Peter Brimelow Replies
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Peter Brimelow writes: A reader wrote recently doubting that the Seattle Diversity Disaster  so effectively exposed by Sam Francis could really have happened, given the total lack of coverage in his home state (Connecticut).  We convinced him by pointing to the hyperlinks we always insert in our syndicated columns, leading in this case to local coverage. He expressed shock and asked what he could do.


We appreciate your comments.

The reason the establishment media had nothing on the story is that discussion of race and immigration has been effectively ended by a particularly virulent form of political correctness. This is true both for liberal and nominally "conservative" institutions. I speak here as a veteran of nearly thirty years in establishment journalism, and as a former National Review  senior editor.

It's why we founded VDARE.  We believe that new institutions have to be built, and new audiences found and organized. With the Internet, this can be done very effectively.

As a journalist, I would say you could help by signing up for our email bulletins and by forwarding our bulletins, and our articles, as widely as you can. As president of Center for American Unity, a new and unaccustomed role, I guess I'd have to force myself to say you could make a tax-exempt donation!

Many thanks,

Peter Brimelow

April 23, 2001

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