A Virginia Reader Wants To Know How DREAM Activist Isabel Castillo Expects To Help The US Deficit By Working Off The Books?
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Re: A.W. Morgan's article Isabel Castillo Gets U. Of San Francisco "Honorary" Doctorate—For Being Illegal!

From: Deena Flinchum [Email her]

According to Ms Castillo, she and other DREAMers want to help the US with its deficit:

"'The way the economy is right now, we have a lot of deficit. We want to help and pay taxes,' said Isabel Castillo of Harrisonburg, a 25-year-old undocumented immigrant and founder of local advocacy group DREAM Activist-Virginia. 'This is the [fiscally] smart thing to do.'" [What's A Dream Worth? ]Immigration Reform Bill's Supporters Play Fiscal Card, But Success Is A Poor Bet, By Jeremy Hunt, Harrisonburg Daily News-Record, December 08, 2010]

So why, according to a NYT article,  is she working off the books in Harrisonburg, thus paying no taxes?


"Ms. Castillo returned to small-town life, to getting by without a Social Security card, working off the books as a waitress and living in her basement apartment." [Dream Act Advocate Turns Failure into Hope, By Michael Winerip, New York Times, February 20, 2011]

Deena Flinchum has written us many helpful and literate letters. She lives in Virginia.

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