A Reader Connects The Shootings In Ferguson With Eric Holder's Promise To "Dismantle" The Ferguson PD
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Steve Sailer's blog item Ferguson Riots, Shootings: How Much Blood Do Holder and Soros Have on Their Hands?

A Reader In San Jose [Email him]

Two police officers are in “serious condition” after being shot by "protesters" in Ferguson, as Eric Holder and Barack Obama apply the full force of the US government behind their effort to undermine the rule of law and police authority, particularly where exercised by Caucasians.

The latest violence appears attributable to the inability of Holder and Obama to satiate local lust for the blood of former Police Officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting death of Michael Brown, so-called Gentle Giant, also inconveniently known for convenience store burglary and bullying.

Much to their dismay, Holder and Obama were unable to deliver Wilson's head on a platter as had been promised to the “Hands Up—Don’t Shoot” hysterical lying racists.

Indeed, even after several months of investigation, Holder and Obama, were forced to admit that the “Hands-up” narrative was a concoction of black racists, and that the white Police officer was not guilty of anything more serious than being a white man with a badge in a predominantly black community.

Undeterred, Holder and Obama decided to redeem themselves with Ferguson’s black community by vilifying and persecuting the entire Ferguson police department.

Thus, Holder orchestrated an investigation which found that the city used police as a collection agency, citing traffic citations to black residents to boost city coffers through fines, creating a "toxic environment."

In a fitting tribute to lawless anarchy, last Friday Holder said that his DOJ would use its full authority to demand police reforms in Ferguson, including possibly “dismantling” the department.[Holder says he’s ‘prepared’ to dismantle Ferguson police department if necessary, by Katie Zezima, Washington Post, March 6, 2015]

On Thursday morning, Holder’s “dismantling” was put in motion by vigilantes intent on breaking the yoke of rule of law.

Yet again, race relations in America have been made intolerably worse by two black men in power, both of whom hate white people and America!

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