A Reader Complains That The NEW YORK TIMES Doesn't Want To Report The Delbert Belton Murder—But Will Sneer At Those Who Do
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From: An Anonymous DAILY MAIL Reader [Email him]

Here's the Delbert Belton story from the London Daily Mail:

Teen boys accused of brutally beating a WWII veteran to death with flashlights both plead not guilty, September 13 2013

The Daily Mail: includes pictures of the accused—black teenagers—and the white veteran who was beaten to death.

Young Delbert Belton Delbert Belton At The Time Of His Death
Accused Accused

A brief search of New York Times website showed no mention of the story, except one online commentary: Toxic Populi, By Timothy Egan, August 29, 2013

That's not a report of black crime, it's a report of online reports of black crime, which Egan calls a "a spasm of hate from the coward’s bunker of the Internet and the media forces that prosper by stoking that hatred". He writes

"Shorty Belton was white. The two teenagers arrested in his murder are black. When the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News — the troglodyte trio — saw this story, it went from an all-too-common tale of urban violence to a politicized narrative and magnet for racists.

The Spokane newspaper, The Spokesman-Review, had to shut down the comments section on its Web site because the stream was so thick with anti-black and anti-Obama sewage."

How frightening to think where we'd be if the NYT was our only source of information. Like I said, until Egan chimed in with his hate of "hate" there was no mention of the Belton murder in the NYT at all.

Can you imagine the different party line if two white skinheads had killed a Tuskegee Airman?

James Fulford writes: A Tuskegee Airman actually was carjacked by “teens” outside a Detroit barber shop. But it wasn’t a national story because the teens were black.

I’d add that if the NYT had reported the Belton murder as a murder, it would have done its best to conceal the races involved.

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