A Reader Comments on Things Even Larry Elder Can't Say...
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Things even Larry Elder Can't Say (Immigration is One)

From:  [name withheld]

I had the chance to speak with Larry Elder on his show (it was the day after Pat Buchanan had been his guest) and he is a toe-the-line libertarian concerning immigration.  He said the day hadn't come yet, but that soon he hoped for open borders in the United States.  He is a firm believer in economic man, and believes anything that makes the global marketplace more efficient is good.  To hell with a common culture, and economic independence in America, all must bow down to Von Mises and the god of efficiency.  Maybe it's just me but this is what seems to happen when intelligent people substitute reason for religion.  I am really impressed with your site and hope it continues just as strong.

Peter Brimelow comments: Thanks! But you're actually unfair to Von Mises himself - he was aware of the cultural framework question. It just wasn't an issue at the time - he was writing during the 1920s-1960s immigration pause.

February 09, 2001

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