A Reader Comments On Eva Longoria’s Ancestry
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Re: Allan Wall’s article Memo From Middle America | DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Eva Longoria Campaigns For “Latino Victory”—But Victory Over Whom?

From: Garrick [Email him]

Allan Wall wrote


Longoria’s “Latino Victory Project,” like other prominent Latino organizations, is run by White Hispanics. As you can see from the pictures of Longoria and co-founder Henry R. Munoz, the Project fits the usual Latin American model of a Euro-Latin elite lording it over their duskier brethren even as they scream that the norteamericanos are racist.

According to Wikipedia’s about Eva Longoria, she’s been on Henry Louis Gates’s DNA TV show, and “Her DNA test results were: 70% European, 27% Asian/Indigenous, and 3% African." [""Faces of America" Reveals Eva Longoria Parker's Surprising Roots". GerriMiller, by Latina magazine, February 2, 2010.

Longoria has no children so plenty of time on her hands for making pseudo-racial mischief. Who knows? She might be more "indigenous" than Xochitl Hinojosa.

But then blacks are currently spearheaded by Obama and Eric Holder who have zero American slave ancestry and are mocha or lighter in the case of Holder and his wife, 

Both Eric Holder and his wife are descended from Barbadian immigrant grandparents while Barack Obama's African father was just passing' through.

James Fulford writes: Ms. Longoria's appearance, above, may not entirely reflect her ancestry, because of plastic surgery and other Hollywood beauty treatments. DNA doesn't lie, though.


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