A Reader Believes That GOP Insiders Would Rather Lose To Hillary Than Win WIth Trump
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Re: David Sander’s The Clinton-Cosby Connection: Trump Shows How to Beat the Left

From: James George Jatras [Email him]

Excellent piece by David Sanders on Clinton/Cosby and Trump!

Sanders wrote

This raises the question: why could the Republican Establishment—assuming that they want to beat the Clintons—not see this? There are two possible explanations. First of all, they may care more about their self-image as “responsible moderates” than they do about winning. Talk of Clinton’s past simply strikes them as “icky,” something that just isn’t done by Republicans who are respectable.

Secondly, the Republican Establishment may just be stupid. As Ann Coulter recently pointed out, if you do a little bit of research on the educational credentials of the Republican “elite” you find that they’re generally not as impressive as the MSM would lead you to believe.

Personally, I believe that it is some combination of the two—putting most of the emphasis on the first theory.

I totally agree.  In addition, a substantial part of the GOP Establishment positively fears a Trump victory and wants Hillary to win.  See my analysis here:
Will the GOP Establishment Opt for President Hillary? Chronicles, January 07, 2016

The Iowa caucuses are under a month away, and the GOP Establishment is in white-knuckle panic that Donald Trump’s candidacy has not imploded. His rather moderate proposal for a temporary time-out on Muslims’ entry into the U.S. has gone the way of its predecessors in actually boosting his numbers. Allegations of sexist misuse of a Yiddish expression have fallen as flat as Trump’s other supposedly fatal gaffes.

The Republican donor class claims pragmatic concerns. If Trump is the nominee, they moan, we’re sure to hand victory to Hillary Clinton. We need to nominate someone who can win, and Trump can’t.

But the Establishment’s real worry is not that Trump might lose to Hillary. What terrifies them is that he might win. Make no mistake: most of those warning of Trump’s adverse impact on Republican prospects would prefer a President Hillary Rodham Clinton and are prepared to help achieve that outcome.

That’s because this is not just a replay of the tiff we’ve seen in the past couple of cycles between Tea Partiers and RINOs. Nor does it mostly concern the hot-button issues of abortion, LGBTQLSMFT “rights,” or even guns.

Rather, this showdown relates to a basket of issues reflecting an irreconcilable divide over whether an “American nation” (a quaint expression most people under the age of 50 have never heard of) even exists—not just as a propositional “creed” but as a real, natural nation with its own history, traditions, and narrowly defined interests. In symbiosis with the entrenched Deep State the money boys will brook no heterodoxy on three interconnected imperatives: [More]

Jim Jatras [email him], a former US diplomat and foreign policy adviser to the Senate GOP leadership, currently is the only announced prospect for the Republican vice presidential nomination. He comments on financial and foreign policy topics and on U.S. politics in his publication TheJIM!gram. Tweet him at @JimJatras.


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