A Reader Asks Why VDARE.COM's Writers "Obsession" With Obama
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A Reader writes [email]

Sailer's obsession with breaking Obama has gotten tiresome. Regarding the most important issue of the day: immigration, I don't see Obama being any different than Clinton or McCain. So why the rub against him?

 He is a true liberal who is out of the closet as opposed to Amnesty John. Furthermore, Obama has promised to end this insane war we are currently fighting.

 So what's the deal with Sailer and now Fulford and Epstein? Every time I pull up VDARE.COM it's another "Hate Obama" rant. I'm no liberal Democrat. Just a conservative with no good options in the presidential race.

James Fulford writes: The reason that we at VDARE.COM covered Obama heavily is because the Mainstream Media was been largely AWOL on investigating him, or complicit in covering up for him. We're bashing Obama because it's our job, and no one else is doing it.

For example, we had the story of the Reverend Wright on VDARE.com a solid year before the Mainstream Media picked it up.

We are aware of the bipartisan nature of the immigration problem and you can count on us to continue to attack Republicans too.

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