A North Carolina Reader Says VDARE.COM's Website Is Easy To Use
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From: John J. Pershing (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: VDARE.COM Does Good Work …But Our Website Is A "Total Mess"

Letter writer George Culver misses the point of VDARE.COM's website.

Quality, well-researched articles like those posted on VDARE.COM have footnotes, bibliographies, and other references to back up and clarify the points made therein. 

The hyperlink format is indisputably much easier to use than flipping back and forth to the end section of a particular piece. 

That said, I could make specific constructive criticisms of most any website from the perspective of an individual with a common sense grasp of logic and language.

But in my judgment the hyperlinks are invaluable.

Pershing's previous letter about his experiences as a substitute teacher is here.

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