A Reader Agrees: VDARE.COM Must Expose Obama
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03/23/08 - A Reader Asks Why VDARE.COM's Writers "Obsession" With Obama

From: "B" (e-mail him)

Re: James Fulford's Response To A Reader Who Wants Less Obama Coverage

Greetings from a "typical white person."

Yes, Mr. Fulford, please continue with the exposure of Barack Obama. 

I very much disagree with the reader's post re this subject—being invaded by the Third World isn't fun to analyze all the time. But exposing the Obama phenomenon helps expose the mindset that makes this societal catastrophe possible.

The VDARE.COM coverage of Obama has been outstanding with good research and writing. It might be nice to have Ann Coulter's recent piece as part of the repertoire, [Throw Grandma Under The Bus March 19, 2008] though her overall personal acceptance of multiculturalism is disturbing. 

VDARE.COM is great website, I'll be donating

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