A Reader Asks Jon Stewart "If Southern Symbols Inspire White Hate, Is All The Black Crime Caused By Statues Of General Grant?"
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Re: Alexander Hart’s article First, They Came For The Confederate Battle Flag. Then, They Came For The American Flag—In Fact, They Already Have...

From: "Yankee By Birth, Rebel By Choice" [Email him]

So Jon Stewart now affixes blame for the Charleston shooting on the fact that South Carolina still flies the Confederate flag and has streets named for Confederate generals. [Read Jon Stewart's blistering monologue about race, terrorism and gun violence after Charleston church massacre, Washington Post?, June 19, 2015] didntheburndownacityorsomethingWhich leads me to wonder...how many streets and towns in New York, where Long Island Railroad gunman Colin Ferguson lived, and where over 90% of the violent crime is committed by "people of color", and Connecticut, where Omar Thornton committed his act of mass murder, have monuments and streets named for Union generals and soldiers?

And what about Chicago, largest city in the "Land of Lincoln" himself? Do the South Siders there stop and pause to recall the thousands of dead whites who freed their ancestors from shackles so they could slay more blacks than any evil slaveholder ever dreamed of?

We all know the answer...



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