A Reader Asks "How Do You Avoid Hiring Contractors Who Hire Illegals"?
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From: An Anonymous Father [Email him]

My daughter has two preschool children and is expecting another in a couple weeks, so recently she hired a company to clean her house. The owners of the company and all the employees who came to her house were Hispanics. But she didn't know if any were legal. This brought to my mind the question of how a homeowner can determine if contractors or subcontractors are really legal. So I'm wondering if VDARE.COM could publish an article or other document that would help homeowners who are not business owners and only hire contractors occasionally ensure that aren't hiring illegals.

James Fulford writes: The best thing would be to ask them, when you're placing an order "Do you use only workers legally authorized to work in this country, and can you prove it if necessary?" That should encourage them, even if they have illegal workers, to send the legal ones.

It's important to avoid saying anything that makes you look prejudiced, because of the 2018 phenomenon of outrage mobs, like the one that attacked Aaron Schlossberg.

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