A Reader Asks About Vitamin D Being Absorbed Through The Skin; Lance Welton Replies
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Re: Lance Welton's WuFlu Racial Impact Suggests Third World Immigration May Be Bad—For Them

From: A Scientifically Minded Reader [Email him]

Good article, but I have a suggestion: Change the language having to do with vitamin D, where Welton says "less able to absorb Vitamin D through their skin."

Vitamin D isn't absorbed through the skin; it's synthesized in the body through a process that's enabled by the absorption of certain bands of light through the skin.

The way it's written now is with an NPR-grade level of imprecision that makes the reader wonder about the accuracy of every other statement therein.

Lance Welton writes: I'm aware of the biological processes involved. However, this language is used in academic discussions of the topic, in many science journal articles, and also in respected newspapers of record, such as the Daily Telegraph [What does Vitamin D do? And how to get enough without going outdoors, by Annabel Jones, Daily Telegraph, May 4, 2020].

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