A Reader Alerts Us To Obscene Abuse Of VDARE.com And Stephen Miller By Tolerant Samantha Bee
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From: A New York State Reader [Email him]

Hello, good people at VDARE.com.

I wanted to tell you that Samantha Bee did a rant on White House aide Stephen Miller this week. The VDARE.com organization was mentioned many times and as you might guess—not mentioned in a favorable light. I thought you might like to know about it.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Joyous Christmas.

James Fulford writes: Thanks to our reader for the tip. We try to keep up with actual news mentioning us in actual news sources via Google, but we miss this kind of YouTube rant:

Samantha Bee: Stephen Miller Is Garbage And Should Be Fired

Samantha Bee is right: "Fire Stephen Miller right fu*king now."
CrooksAndLiars.com, November 21, 2019
Includes four mention of VDARE, four F-bombs, four S-bombs, and even more unseemly personal abuse of Miller. I didn't listen to it, but I did check the transcript. I'm always amazed that these people want to ban "hate" but think that their hate of white people doesn't count.
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