The Wit and Wisdom of Samantha Bee—Comedy As Status Anxiety Therapy
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From The Hollywood Reporter:
Samantha Bee — whose TBS program Full Frontal has in many ways taken up the mantle of political satire left by her old Daily Show boss Jon Stewart — delivered a stinging rebuke of NBC on her program Monday. The segment was a response to Jimmy Fallon’s friendly Tonight Show interview last Thursday with Donald Trump …

And she was name-checked in a New York Times editorial column by conservative writer Ross Douthat, who lamented that much of late-night comedy has been co-opted by the left.

Asked how she felt about the piece, Bee quipped: “It’s so good to know that we’re the problem and not racism.”

Ooh, now that’s some expert professional comedy there.

How much of “comedy” these days is really just Status Anxiety Therapy?

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