A Reader Agrees With John Derbyshire On Eliminating Student Visas And Other Incubators Of Job-Stealing
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Re: An Australian Reader Agrees With John Derbyshire: "Stop Issuing Visas To Foreign Students!"

From: An Anonymous American Reader [Email him]

I would like to add my anonymous voice to those of John Derbyshire and others to limit foreign student visas. I think we should operate an exchange-based student visa system, where the number of visas we grant to a country should equal the number granted to Americans seeking to study in that country. That would make the visas more likely granted to other First World countries.

However, it is still necessary to scrap the Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practical Training programs, the incubators of H-1B visa applicants. H-1B should take a whack, too, because it is an incubator of job-stealing skilled work.

Are there any studies that indicate any pattern of these “high skilled” workers bringing in elderly and infirm relatives as soon as they are eligible to start chain migration? I suspect that even with these model tax paying immigrants we are on net losing because of the public costs of such relatives.

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