A Professor Applies The "Turing Test" To The West, And Finds A Good Imitation Of Defeat
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The-Imitation-Game-2014-download[1]Re: Steve Sailer' Blog Post How Plausible Is Houellebecq’s “Submission?

From: Professor of Mystery [Email him]

I just finished watching The Imitation Game. It's boiler plate gay liberation, which I think even gay "martyr" Alan Turing , the subject of the picture, would turn his eyebrow up at.

Anyway, he explained his Game. (What computer scientists now call the "Turing Test".)If you can't tell the difference between a human and a machine as a judge then the machine is as good as human.

So I look at France, Britain and America and I look for signs of Submission and subtle conquest. If it walks like a Dhimmi and talks like a Dhimmi it's a Dhimmi. I can't see much difference between conquered people and what we are now. So we are doing a very good imitation of Submission.

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