A Philadelphia Reader Experiences More Diversity In A National Park Than He Expected
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Re: Nicholas Stix’s article Curtain of Lies: How the Treason Lobby Seeks to Lie the American People into Oblivion

From: Matteo [Email him]

Nicholas Stix suggested that an honest poll on Amnesty might ask if the respondent would support it if

If you knew that the Bill

  • Would result in your going insane, because your neighborhood would be taken over by gangbangers who would blast bad music next door all night, etc.A Philadelphia Reader Experiences More Diversity In A National Park Than He Expected

This past weekend my kids and I went camping in Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area, north of Philadelphia. The park has a number of fee for entry areas one of which is called "Turtle Beach." It's a small grassy slope along the river where families can picnic and children can splash in the water. The fee is $10.00 which I thought was reasonable enough for a pleasant day by the river.

After parking, we started down the long path from the parking lot to the beach. As we proceeded we began to notice the unmistakable sub-woofer-driven throb of urban beat music from up ahead. On arrival the noise was extreme, blasting the entire area with pounding, Spanish language "music." The place was packed with Mexicans and two soccer games were going in the relatively small area. The message was clear: This place is ours. If you don't like it, get out.

We paused for a few moments as I scoped out the scene. I had just paid ten bucks for this? I quickly accepted that I would have to disappoint my kids and deal with the hassle of trying to get my money back. We sure as hell weren't staying there.

When we went back through the gate I tried to explain that listening to that kind of music is against our beliefs (which it is). What I did not bother saying is that I find it offensive to have to fight for elbow room at a national park with rude people who are quite likely criminals.

But it was to no avail. The diminutive Anglo college girl on duty was under strict orders not to give any money back. She did, however, offer to ask the Mexicans to turn down the volume. Though it might have been fun to let her do it, I declined and we just drove off. Fortunately, farther up the road was a turn-off for a beautiful lake where everyone spoke English and no one was blasting a beat box. It was free, too.

My great-grandparents, my grandparents, my parents and I have all paid to establish and maintain our beautiful national parks. Heck, I'm generous. I'll share. But these people are not interested in "sharing." Their hideous "music" and their surly demeanor add up to one big middle finger in the face of a nation that has already (even before amnesty) slavishly bent over backward to accommodate them.

Though our insane-clown political class desperately wants to make things infinitely worse, the situation is already disgusting and intolerable.

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