A Pennsylvania Reader Understands The Real Reason More Students Take The SAT
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From: Robert Burch (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum: A Kentucky Reader Explains Why Educrats Are Happy About Falling SAT Scores

I can easily see why colleges appreciate a "broader group" of students taking the SAT.

It provides them with a potentially larger customer base, never mind that their new customers are ill prepared for college.

There will be plenty of scholarship money available to educate them if they come from the proper backgrounds...that is to say, immigrant backgrounds.

Should they happen to be illegal aliens, no worries. All they have to do is prove it and they will be offered private scholarships as is done at Arizona State University. Read about it here.

Burch describes himself as a prematurely retired ex-chemical research engineer whose job was outsourced. His previous letter about Ron Paul is here. And a more recent letter about the illegal alien crisis in New Jersey is here.

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